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Eternity by Crea: Fashion Show 2022

This November, CREA Universidad is gearing up for a one-of-a-kind event: Eternity by Crea, a new fashion show where our fashion degree students will present their Fall-Winter 2022 garment collection.

During this event, we will see the culmination of months of work develop into a fantastic live show where our students make their first step into a career in fashion. Our students will display their collections, whilst being supported by some impressive guest designers.

A Fashion Show Done Differently

Our philosophy is that fashion is for everyone, that ideas are subjective, and that differences should be celebrated. Not only that, but during recent uncertain times, we have seen certain post-Covid trends and a total change in perspective after a once-in-a-lifetime global event.

It is time to start understanding what is happening around the world right now, and in the process learning how to adapt. That is why we want our event to focus on supporting local brands and businesses, as well as start disrupting the fashion industry. Our students want to break down barriers, and stand up to the status quo by exploring themes such as sustainability and inclusivity.

The times of fast-fashion and small-size-only brands should be a thing of the past. We want to make sure everyone knows that by breaking trends and allowing the next generation of fashion designers to become pioneers in their own right.

Uneven Recovery Fall-Winter '22

Our Fall-Winter 2022 Collection talks about life after the Coronavirus. As the world was being held back and lives were changed forever, our perspectives were altered just a little bit. The main question is: “what’s next?”

In order to start answering this question, our students have curated the Eternity Fashion Show, which represents their ideas and passions, whilst reflecting their mood since the pandemic.

The show focuses on how fashion has been affected by tragedy and uncertainty, sparking a reaction from the people, and helping us build a new reality; helping us find a path to help regain inner strength and control.

Our appreciation of the strength and adaptability of the people is shown by using materials such as leather and chains, alongside transparent fabrics and shadows. This allows us to view from a new perspective as to how pain and disappointment can be transformed into empowerment and hope.

Our Invited Designers

To change this mindset and to keep disrupting, we need to take action and raise our voices by walking down the runway hand-in-hand alongside visionaries with the same ideas.

Our guest designers are the core of change, and we are more than excited to be building a foundation for them to raise awareness on these controversial topics.


Our collaborators Punkie’s represent sustainability and have a focus on creating alternative fashion. They utilize recycled and reclaimed materials to modify and design unique garments, ensuring waste-free fashion.

The show

Eternity by Crea is an opportunity for some of the most exciting talents in Monterrey to showcase their work, that’s why we have a plethora of unique and accomplished individuals displaying their collections in this hotly anticipated fashion show.

As an additional surprise for all our invites, we will host local brands presenting their products and creations throughout the evening.

Additionally, we will host an exclusive exhibit from some of our former students in our showrooms, which will be open to visitors during the event. Our ex-alumni are all former Fashion design students, including internationally recognized award-winning designers who all have some intriguing new ideas and inspiring work.

This will all be followed by the catwalk show curated by our very own students, but to find out more you’ll just have to wait and see what’s coming.

Start a Career in Fashion Design

Our students don’t just learn from the book, they gain hands-on experience creating events like this one and have the opportunity to build up their portfolios with practical work and projects.

The ultimate goal for our students is to form abilities and habits akin to professional image and style designers in the fashion industry, so they can have all the necessary tools to be ready to start working in the real world.

If you’re interested in learning more about fashion design or even starting your own career, it doesn’t just have to be a pipe-dream. Our Degree in Fashion Design is one of our most popular careers, with our very own dedicated space, all the equipment, and experienced teachers supporting our students all the way.

To find out more about studying a career in Fashion at Crea Universidad, browse our website for more information, or alternatively you can speak to our team directly by calling or sending a message via WhatsApp on 81 5980 1916.

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